Services We Offer

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Carpet & upholstery protection

The protectant used is Du Pont Fluorochemical.

The protectant makes life easier because the same magic that slides eggs out of the frying pan can slide the spills and stains right off your carpet or upholstery.

Both thin,water-based spills and thicker oily spills bead up on the surface of the fibres or fabric and actually repels spills and stops them from soaking into the fibres or fabric.

Dust mite/anti allergy treatments

Carpets can be cleaned with Ecotex that has the power of plant active agents.It is especially advantageous to customers that have allergies and is an environmentally friendly product.
Spot Removal
Anti -Static treatments

As well as carpets and upholstery I also clean leather,headboards,rugs, mattresses, divan bases,car interiors, curtains and caravans.

Discounts available for Senior Citizens



Always clean and tidy.


Fast and Efficient.


Fully Insured.

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